Friday, May 16, 2014

Pregnancy Update

I am more and more convinced with every pregnancy how little you remember of last pregnancies,.... well,.. the horrible things that you don't enjoy anyway.   I feel like I've been complaining a LOT about this pregnancy,.. and it HAS been my most difficult,.. but all that aside, I LOVE being pregnant.  I love feeling that life inside of me.  It always amazes me that anyone could doubt God's existence after being pregnant, or even knowing someone that has been pregnant.  Such a miracle.

At our 20 week ultrasound, we learned little baby Dot was happy and healthy, but there were some minor complications about the pregnancy.  She has what is called a Single Artery Umbilical Cord,.. which is USUALLY not an issue at all.  In some cases it can correlate WITH heart issues(not cause them) but can sometimes CAUSE kidney problems, or effect her growth, at which point we would have to have her early.  I am still measuring right on track, and will have an ultrasound next week to check her size and make sure her kidneys look good and healthy, and will probably have a few more before she is born, just so I can rest assured that she is doing alright in there.  We(I don't know if it's HER'S or MINE,.. so I say "we")  have what is called a Circumvallate Placenta.  Which also can be nothing, but could potentially cause her to stop growing as well.

Initially when we had our 20 week ultrasound and found all this out,.. little spazzy baby wouldn't hold still enough for us to get a good look at her heart,.. so of course when I found out all these things, and did my own WebMD research, I had a good long month of sleepless nights worrying about this little baby, seeing as how the Umbilical cord issues can coincide with major heart issues, and then not getting good images of her heart,... I was kind of a wreck.  Thank goodness her heart looked perfect at 24 weeks!  We are counting our blessings, for sure.

Dot's room is coming along nicely,.. I had decided to just paint one wall and throw some dots on it, and call it good, and quickly realized that the pink I had picked and the neutral we had up already, with the white trim, it all looked like neapolitan ice cream when put all together,... so I just painted the entire room,..........the EXACT same color I just painted Chloe and Bailey's room.  (I was trying to be conservative by using the same paint, instead I just ended up slathering 2 rooms in it.   Good thing I like the color and it's not too much. We had to buy another crib, seeing as how Cy still sleeps in the old one as a toddler bed because we are missing so many parts to it, we couldn't put it back together to make it a real crib again. Hopefully Dot doesn't chew it apart like Bailey did!!

I found this crib bumper and fell in LOVE with it.  The floral with the Dot's,.. I couldn't tell my self no. Chloe and Bailey had destroyed the old crib bumper anyway,.. so I was in the market, and the stars aligned and I was able to get this for around $30, with a coupon, and an old gift card I forgot I had, AND it was on sale.  See,.. it was meant to be.
Daddy doing the precise measurments to make the Dots literally perfect(minus the ball point pen used, which doesn't just wash off)
I mean really,.. her name is Dot for heaven's sake,.. she had to have polka dots on her wall.

I am entering the uncomfortable stage, where rolling over in bed is a work out, and bending over only happens in Emergencies (thank goodness for big sisters that are good little helpers at picking stuff up for me.  Peeing every hour is getting really old, especially at night, refer to issue Number 1.  I have had a nasty head cold the last 2 weeks, that I think I am finally getting over.  I forget how limited you are in the pharmaceutical department,.. and even more so when you are looking for a decent decongestant.

32 Weeks
(I hate belly shots, but don't have any from when I was pregnant with Bailey and SHE is sad about it)

It has been so fun to see the excitement of the kids, awaiting the arrival of their sister.  If I am sitting on the couch or somewhere Chloe can come snuggle up to me, she DOES, and wants to feel her baby sister moving, and will talk to her.  It's pretty much the cutest thing ever.  Cy likes to rub my "big baby belly" and will Say he is "hoding Baby Dot's Hand".  Bailey has become more and more reserved and unsure about this sister of her's.  She always prays that "Dot will make it here safe and strong and healthy".  She was very aware of what was going on when her sweet cousin passed away at 35 weeks, and was heart broken.  The further along I have gotten the more anxiety I see her exhibiting.  We talk about it a lot and we say lots of prayers, not only for Dot, but also for Bailey to feel comfort.  We have lots of talks about forever families, and Heavenly Father's plan.  It's hard to see her so uneasy about it all, but I think we turned a corner last night.  Cy and Chloe went to bed early and Bailey and I worked on her homework and she climbed up on my bed and I asked her if she wanted to feel Dot kicking,.. I kind of had to force it, but she quickly came around.  We laid there staring at my belly move every which way and rumble with movement.  I could see the joy in her eyes as she made a connection with her sister in that moment.  It was very tender for me.  I've been so worried about her hesitance and deliberate avoidance of being excited and happy about being a big sister again.  I always knew, once Dot got here that would change, and was so relieved I saw a little bit of change in her last night.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Break

We had such a fun Spring Break in St. George.  It was the prefect pregnant vacation.  Normally on Vacation I like to "go and do", but when I'm pregnant I like to "go and do", and then take a nap, and then "go and do" a little more.  So this worked out great. just low key and chill.
 Jacob Hamblin Home in Santa Clara
 My little beauties
 She's not animated at all, is she?
 I laughed for a good 20 minutes when I uploaded these pics on my computer and found this one.  She kills me, and will HATE me when this is in her wedding video or put in her Senior Yearbook or something embarrassing.
 Batman didn't really like the Splash Pad
 We found our happy place in the little river though.
 Until Bailey biffed it and tore up her knees.  Poor girl!
 The Children's Museum in St. George is AWESOME.  It's free,(and packed) but there is a lot of fun stuff for kids.
 My Grandma would be so proud, kinda.  Not so proud that it's fake or that Cy thinks a horse says Moo,.. baby steps.
 Farmer Cy

 Dinosaur Musuem, and cheesy smiles.  (what is Bailey doing??)  

 Brigham Young Winter Home

 This picture is such an accurate description of these two's relationship.  They are best buddies.
 We had a LOT of fun hiking around Snow Canyon State Park.  The girls LOVED feeling like they could hike ahead of us and pave the path.  We saw some lizards and lots of pretty little flowers. 
 We had a lot of fun playing in the sand(I still feel like I'm cleaning sand out of everything.) 
 This kid LOVES his dirt and digging and rocks and all things Southern Utah.  He had a BLAST!

 Over all Dixie Rock was Bailey and Chloe's favorite destination.  They loved all the holes you could climb in and finding the "diamonds" or broken beer bottles.  And here is the only evidence I was even on this trip.  Love these crazy kids.

It was so fun to escape home for a few days, and not cook any dinners, and just be together as our little family.  There was minimal fighting(miracle) and lots of smiles, scraped knees, dirty socks, swim suits, and smiles.  Doesn't get better than that! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Robbins Family Quarterly?

Don't worry,.. I had grand plans to post monthly,.. but I think it's going to be quarterly, if we're lucky.  
 We had a fun day, swimming at the Rec Center over President's Day.
 Chloe is OBSESSED with headbands,.. which would be okay, except the shape of her head isn't very conducive to wearing a headbands,.. they would be beneficial if she needed to hold up her eyelashes, or eyebrows.  ;)

 Cy was excited to help me pick out his birthday presents.  He is really into Super heros and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  He likes to be Hulk, he thinks it lets him get away with hitting.  

Cy's 2nd Birthday was a success.  He LOVES the "wogax" or the Lorax too, and that was an easier cake for me to manage than Hulk, or Jake.  So that's what we did.  There were truffula trees, but most were confiscated before the party even started by Cheerleader sisters who "had to have pom poms" and how can you say no to that?

 Before and After with his mohawk.  He's pretty handsome, if I do say so myself.
 Bailey was in her school play, The Wiz.  Not to be mistaken with the traditional verison of the Wizard of Oz,.. think 70's, psychadelic,.. really weird version of the same story.  
 Chloe LOVED the play and went both nights with me.
 It was kind of the Van Robbins Family show.  All these kids are related, kinda.  Cousins AND best friends, AND siblings, AND seriously amazing little performers.  It's so fun that they are all in the same school and see each other every day.  Bailey loves telling me when she talked to Gabe(the tin man, whom she is in love with) at recess.  And I love that they have their eye on each other.  Love these cuties!!
 This pregnancy has been fun for the girls.  They are old enough to really understand how this all works and it's so fun for them to feel that little life inside of me and witness the miracle of bringing these spirits into the world.  Chloe has been talking a lot about when she grows up and is a mom, and when she has babies.  She has been the most interested in the pregnancy, and I KNOW Bailey will be more interested when Dot gets here.  She has had some anxiety about it all, after being aware of her cousin that was born stillborn  last fall.   So we talk about Norah a lot and have had lots of lessons on Eternal Families and the Plan of Salvation.  
 Frozen Happened.  Do I really need to go into much detail about that?
 As well as "Ana and Elsa Hair",.. of course. 
 Grandma Robbins had a birthday and so we celebrated with a party and a fashion show.  This crew is hilarious.


Bailey had her little first grade program about the United States.  I need to see if I can post the video of Her Hulk-ness on here,.. because it was pretty epic/classic.  
(note her "tiny mowhawk)  Bailey decided to cut herself a mowhawk one day at school because "sometimes I like boy things, and some boys have mowhawks, so I just wanted a little mowhawk"