Monday, October 20, 2014

Birthday Bonanza

With Dot's Due date falling between Bailey and Chloe's Birthdays,.... (I don't even know how in the free world that was possible!?!  Seriously,.. Bailey's Birthday June 30th, Dot'e Due Date July 2nd, and Chloe's Birthday on July 3rd,.. My uterus really likes October apparently,.... I better be careful!)

My Dr. had me scheduled for my C-section on Bailey's Birthday and she was prepared to share her birthday with her baby sister.  Luckily Dot decided to come 2 weeks early,..Hallelujah!  I was even able to be home to help Celebrate.

In years past, we have always combined Bailey and Chloe's birthday's and done one big fat party.  It was understood that Bailey wanted HER OWN party this year, and Chloe wanted one too.  So we compromised and neither had a party! :D

Let's be honest, I was not about to throw a party 1 week post baby!  So they each got their breakfast in bed, as per Robbins Family Tradition, a lunch date with 1 friend,.. they both chose their best friend cousin, and then a special date night with Daddy, so mommy could pass out in bed!

 Bailey's breakfast was a doughnut, toast, eggs and Milk.  

Chloe's breakfast of champions:  oatmeal, grapes, watermelon, and,... a tuna fish sandwich!! 

Let's be honest though,.. they got the best birthday present they could have ever asked for!!  And they really, truly love their new baby sister!

The last week of June/ First week of July will always be a crazed celebration in our house,.. and Peter is not allowed to touch me in the month of October ever again!! ;P

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