Thursday, February 7, 2013


After many hours of "brush, and brush and brush and brush my hair"  I decided to let my life begin,.. by chopping off Bailey's long beautiful hair.  I cried that day, and almost every time I see a picture of her long hair I morn a little.  I SO wish I hadn't have done it.  :(  BUT:  Her hair went to a good cause, and will help some other little girl have hair.  I am VERY proud of Bailey and her willingness to cut her hair for someone else.  There was some persuasion from her mom, which I regret, but it will grow back.  

Yes, i cried looking at these pictures.  

Bad mom!


Wes and Dani said...

Aww she still looks beautiful!!! And you are right--it will grow back.

Melissa Callaert said...

I'm so sure she will break hearts someday! Yes she got it from her mommy!

Ps: i started to follow you, maybe you wanna make me happy too? :)