Monday, March 25, 2013


It was a lot of fun (and stress) to watch our house go up. Stressful because I second guessed EVERY THING as I watch it go up, the exterior, the tile, the flooring, the cabinets, the LOT.  We lived with Peter's parents during the construction(which was the wonderful part) and I would drive by at LEAST once a day, most of the time twice a day.  (We only live about a mile from Grandma and Grandpa). It was really fun to take the kids through and show them where their rooms would be, and think about furniture placement, and all the new memories that would be made within those brand, spankin' new walls.  

I know this picture isn't when it's all completed, but we basically got moved in and it started snowing,.. and I've been waiting until the trees are green again, and landscaping is in(hopefully happing here in the next few weeks).

We LOVE our new crib. 


Grace said...

It looks awesome Amanda! I love the color.

marci said...

Amanda, Your house is Beautiful!